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India has been an agricultural hub since the very beginning, historically and culturally rich in farming all across the globe. Dutch, Portuguese and many other countries invaded India for our spices. It is our endeavour to bring the rural India to the modern day urban India. We want the young generation today to experience fresh and organic produce as we stay true to our values of not comprising on the environment. Our vision is not just limited to providing organic produce to the urban public but also to empower women by engaging them in our business and providing them a sense of independence and freedom.

Our Vision

Happy farmers, Healthy india

Our prime vision is to provide good quality, pure produce – and to promote zero budget farming, Pure farming , Traditional farming and environment friendly farming. We wish to improve the life expectancy ratio of the next generation by doing our bit in providing healthy and pesticide free produce.

We want to give fix rates to farmers and consumers which no one in india is giveing neither the  govermnemt. We are encouraging it and bringing a new era in organic farming.

Our Mission

Organic for everyone

Our mission is to promote local farmers working towards zero budget farming, traditional farming and environment friendly farming ; to a global scale. We are taking active efforts to empower women by creating a flexible platform for them to encourage women to engage more and bridge the gap between rural and urban market.

Our Mission

Our Values


We are obsessed with quality.we strive to achieve the highest standards in product band services.keeping the feasibility of operations in mind , we streamline our efforts,to never compromise on quality.


Respect, integrity and professionalism nature a symbiotic and synergetic workplace. We have zero tolerance policy towards negativity, disrespect and any sort of prejudice based on cast, religion,gender,and race.we have fostered a culture of cohesive collaboration that collectively celebrates successes.

We stay true to our values to promote organic produce from local farmers of Western ghat area of India. We have a history from chatrapati shavijai maahraj to cahtrapati shau maharaj till sharad chandraji rao pawar – all of whom were dedicated towards environment friendly development of the country. Our values are deeply rooted towards giving back to mother nature by not hoarding the land with unnecessary chemicals and by providing healthy organic produce to the people of India.

Founder’s Note

Dear Mother Nature Lover,

I invite you to be a part of our family legacy of 85 years. We are a family of farmers and lovers of mother earth and are the 4th generation agriculturers who vend chemical-free produce. Right from my childhood days I have seen how farming is done and the farming methods. We have seen that in the past few years people have started living a healthy balanced life like following diets, going to the gym etc. this has given a great impetus to the lifestyle. This has also augmented the demand for organic food and hence, we have commended the farmers to do organic farming. With the help of organic farming, we can produce a greater yield of produce and a better quality of food can be provided. organic for everyone Under the guidance of Shri. Sharad Pawar Ji who has motivated thousands of farmers we came up with the concept of farm-to-table concept. This is where Baramati Organics helps the farmers sell their yields directly in the global market and earn better. We welcome you to Baramati Organics and urge you to try our farm fresh produces.

Best Wishes …

Warm Regards,

Mr Satish L kate-Deshmukh

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