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India has been an agricultural hub since the very beginning, historically and culturally rich in farming all across the globe. Dutch, Portuguese and many other countries invaded India for our spices. It is our endeavour to bring the rural India to the modern day urban India.

100% Organic

Our prime vision is to provide good quality, pure produce – and to promote zero budget farming, Pure farming , Traditional farming and environment friendly farming. We wish to improve the life expectancy ratio of the next generation by doing our bit in providing healthy and pesticide free produce.









Booster Kit

Baramati Organics provides special Immunity Booster Kit for  Rs 999, which includes Any 5 of following items:

Honey,  Jaggery Cubes, Jaggery Powder, Ghee, Turmeric-Ginger Powder, Cashew ( Kaju ), Raisins ( Kishmish ), Spices, Lime, Jaggery-Ghee Sweets, Fruits Jam, Tea Booster.

Veggie Kit

Baramati Organics provides special Vegetables Kit for  Rs.599/-, which includes various veggies.

Fruits Kit

Baramati Organics provides special Fruits Kit for  Rs.399/-, which includes various fruits.


We are Wholesaler of Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Grocery and Dairy Products. Buy Wholesale Organic Products, Feel free to enquire.


Why Organic

Preserves The Nature

High Nutrition

No Chemicals & Pesticides

Let’s start Organic Lifestyle

Our Process

1. Farmers

Sourced directly from farmer community.

2. Transport

Instantly tronsported to maintain freshness.

3. Collection

Bought to our central processing unit.

4. Grading

Sorting process to pick quality produce.

5. Measurement

Ensure right size and weight.

6. Sanitization

Sanitized and packed in hygienic conditions.

7. Delivery

Safe and fresh delivery to your home.

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